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2009-05-22 04:36 pm

Robin's are awesome little birds....

I was quite surprised that the robin did this and for quite a while as well.....

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2009-05-12 04:50 pm

Nothing cute today.....

I just want to eat crispy duck with hoi sin sauce for some reason lately....

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2009-05-11 08:50 pm
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2009-05-10 06:39 pm

A stroll through Oxford...... picspam time.

This might contain cute overload.

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2009-05-01 07:38 pm

Ah the Pitt Rivers..... and a picspam with other stuff.

I'm stupidly over excited that it's reopened :-D

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2009-04-29 06:35 pm

The short walks picspam....

I've only been able to do short walks in the last few days as i have neck and leg troubles (which means no seeing sho this weekend).
Though i have ordered myself a new tripod, so that should reduce my neck problems a bit.

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2009-04-25 02:58 pm

A short walk style picspam

After the long trek to Port Meadow on thursday i was a bit pooped, so i could only manage a very short walk.
Some french women asked me where Oxford University was i replied "there isn't a physical university as such, it's made up of all
the colleges and various other college owned buildings".

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2009-04-23 08:20 pm

Silly protest picspam.....

Bloomin students etc....

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2009-04-23 08:05 pm

Port Meadow picspam with horses and cows....

I love this place! Next time i'm taking my 70-300mm lens and my tripod with me.

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Rest of Port meadow set here.

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2009-04-21 04:07 pm

A Christ Church in the sunshine picspam....

I had a nice walk in christ church meadow today. Full of sunshine and people enjoying it.

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2009-04-20 07:58 pm

A semi picspam of a sunny oxford

Semi as in Flickr Uploadr keeps crashing on me, so it keeps failing to upload stuff.
Though i got myself the Battery grip for my Camera. Which means i can either run it off two camera batterys (gonna
buy another one before my friends wedding) or 6xAA batteries. Just means i have to swap the battery magazines
over. Only problem is, i've tightened the screw on the battery grip too much, so i can't get it off my camera.
Anyway that's of no consquence, i have two shutter buttons now, one on the camera and one on the battery grip.
Plus my man hands don't hurt so much, now that i've got a bigger area to grip.

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2009-04-19 03:13 pm
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2009-04-19 02:47 pm

Part one of a two part picspam of Oxford in spring sunshine......

It's a beautiful if windy day, today. I went out for a stroll, not expecting to take many photographs.
I should have just kept my camera out instead of putting it away, only to get it out again.
Note to self: use lowepro slingshot camera bag once it's been found amongst the junk.
Anyway part one is of the photographs taken in Christ Church....

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2009-04-18 06:07 pm

Oh lala another picspam....

Sun had his hat on, i went out with my camera.....

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2009-04-17 07:47 pm

Picspamming to deliver the universe from tedium or just me then....

I really need to come up with better titles. Anyway i went for a little wonder around christ church college today.
Overall it wasn't a good day to be taking photographs. I should have used my flashgun in the other parts of
christ church but i think the men in hats would have chased me off hehe. Best of what i took today.....

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2009-04-15 05:55 pm

Another picspam #4 billion and eleventy one......

Went to the botanical garden again, pumped up with anti allergy medications and armed with my 70-300mm telephoto zoom lens (i required it's macro function).

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2009-04-14 08:54 pm
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2009-04-13 04:17 pm
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2009-03-30 05:27 pm

Picspam time... candids......

Interesting day really (being followed by a crackhead was fun, not! I turned around in the end and stared the idiot down).

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2009-03-22 05:59 pm

Getting the most out of the good weather....

Wind, sun and rain next week by the sounds of it.

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